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Coronavirus Fear = A Boost in At-Home Streaming of "Pandemic-Based" Films

COVID-19 continues to spread around the world at a rapid pace. As more and more test positive, justified fear grows. Due to people staying indoors and not going to public places such as movie theaters, at-home streaming's popularity is soaring. Contagion is one of the most attractive movies out right now. Contagion is not a newly released film, but instead has been available to audiences for almost a decade. If Contagion isn't a "fresh", up-to-date movie with modern special effects and editing, then why is it so popular? Contagion, directed by Steven Soderbergh, touches deeply on the current state of the world regarding a similar (although exaggerated) viral pandemic.

Many people, including myself, do not suggest solely educating yourself on the coronavirus from movies such as Contagion. Knowing this, though, watching movies like Contagion might have the effect of scaring people "into their wits." This is why Contagion should be a recommended movie, especially to people not taking COVID-19 seriously. Contagion is about the spread of a deadly virus and how the world reacts to it in an extremely unprepared manor. The count of people who fell from the virus is in the millions and recovery and reform resulting from the pandemic is a ways away. Although facts like this are exaggerated when compared to COVID-19, many things do seem to be paralleled. In Contagion, there is a shortage of medical equipment needed to help minimize the virus's impact. Likewise, COVID-19 has shed light on the true scarcity of masks and ventilators in the US as well as other nations. In Contagion, after a vaccine was finally manufactured, the distribution of it seemed somewhat unjust. Many people of high authority, socially and/or financially, such as doctors and celebrities, were first in procuring the vaccine; other "non-important" subjects had to wait a longer period of time. In America, COVID-19 tests are (at the moment) scarce, and almost similar to the movie, people of high authority and importance seem to obtain tests sooner than others. Although movies are notorious for exaggerating and providing added fiction touches to "practical" real-life events, they do provide some knowledge. This is why Contagion, as well as movies alike, can help better prepare people for events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.


-Seth Greenberg

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