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Knives Out: A Fun Rollercoaster of Speculation

Knives Out is one of the most unique films I have seen in my lifetime. It takes the ordinary "who-done-it" movie topic and turns it into an unparalleled film filled with surprises. Knives Out was directed by Rian Johnson, who had recently directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This proves his true capability of directing a wide variety of genres. Knives Out is unique on so many different levels due to its level of directing and producing; a prime example of this is the film's opening scene which included repetitive questioning of numerous characters regarding the death of Walter Thrombey.

Knives Out has not only proved the capabilities of director Rian Johnson, but has also shed light on what audiences want to see... movies which follow a creative, original storyline. The only thing that would bother me more than popcorn running out at a movie theater is watching an uninspired, cliché film. In addition to this, for some, Netflix and Amazon Video have become more rational and capital consciences choices rather than going to the movies. To compete with this and garner large box office returns, motion picture studios must put more effort into creative original movies which can successfully catch audiences' eyes. Knives Out, due to its originality and creativity, made people want to take the initiative to go to the movies instead of wait for it to come out on a streaming service. This can be proven through the film's extremely optimistic reviews as well as its global box office return of $302.9 million.

One of the most interesting elements of Knives Out is its ability to appeal to all ages. I was able to see Knives Out with my whole family, including my grandparents! Each of my family members were individually intrigued by Knives Out because of its positive reviews as well as a multitude of recommendations from others. After seeing the movie, we all created a small huddle around the exit of the theater and talked about the movie for several minutes. Knives Out conveys the true essence of a great movie... a fun, original film which brings people together and develops a wide variety of emotions from its audience.

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