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Netflix's Newest Film The Old Guard Is Set To Reach 70+ Million Homes

To take my mind off of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I continue to watch movies. Although I'm unable to discuss films with cinephiles at my local movie theatre, I do try to connect with movie lovers online. To do so, I scroll through social media platforms, scour thousands of movie-related Reddit uploads, and continue to search for more and more film lovers.

On one Reddit page in particular, I met someone who was an avid Charlize Theron fan. She told that Theron had a new movie coming out on Netflix. At first I didn't believe Netflix would be self-funding, promoting, and creating a big budget film with a wide known actors such as Charlize Theron. Netflix for years has been known for licensing films and television shows, rather than producing entertainment themself. Knowing this though, Netflix and other entertainment services alike have recently started producing more and more entertainment "in house". This is most definitely due to of the volatility of entertainment industry's future. The industry's future has recently come to a spotlight as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic at hand.

Curious if the Reddit user was lying, I looked up "Charlize Theron new movie on Netflix." The first thing that popped up on my screen was the title The Old Guard.

I found out that it had a budget of $70 million. Right away I knew that this movie was going to be a huge hit.

At the moment, most movie theaters are closed (and should stay closed). For the very few around the United States that are open, including drive-in theaters, they are showing old classics such as Jaws. Although Jaws is an amazing film, people are craving new movies. This is one of the main reasons The Old Guard is going to be so successful. I personally believe that if there was no pandemic and movies were still be produced and distributed at a mainstream level, The Old Guard would not be as successful as it is predicted to be. For example, The Old Guard would have a deflated Rotten Tomatoes score in the high 60's% to low 70's% rather than a score of 81%. Also, although a precise number would be hard to predict, I would estimate The Old Guard would not even pass the half-mark of the 70+ million houses it's forecasted to reach.

**Just wanted to share my opinion on the changing and overall shift of the entertainment industry at the moment. :)

- Seth Greenberg

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